Brexit causes biggest decrease in building industry since 2009.

The run-up to the second Brexit deadline resulted in a malaise for the building industry.

The current figures from the research company IHS Markit show that the June production decrease was the biggest since April 2009.

In June the index showed 43.1. We talk about a downturn in the industry when the figure is lower than 50. Now it is the fourth month in a row that the building industry is decreasing. According to IHS Markit companies get less new orders due to political and economic uncertainty.

The decrease in the number of orders in the housing construction was the biggest in three years. Companies related to company buildings faced the biggest decrease since December 2009.

Tim Moore , economist at IHS Markit, explains that we are facing the biggest decrease in ten years time, although we cannot compare this with the downturn in the financial crisis.